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Many eating gluten-free foods for health benefits – from WABC New York  

Gluten free funny!

Gluten free flour comparison chart

Frosted Orange Creme Cupcakes – Vegan and Gluten-Free – from

These light, refreshing little bundles of orange creme goodness remind us of angel food cake (most likely because of the lift potato starch imparts). They make a perfect tea cake or party cupcake.¬†And the best thing is, not only do they taste like a certain retro frozen confection (you know the one- that orange Popsicle […]

Simple Gluten Free Foods Chart

5 Gluten Free Gravy Thickeners

What is Gluten-Free? FDA Has an Answer

What is Gluten? How Does FDA Define ‘Gluten-Free’? People with celiac disease can now have confidence in the meaning of a “gluten-free” label on foods. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a final rule that defines what characteristics a food has to have to bear a label that proclaims it “gluten- free.” The […]