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Don’t Let Gluten-Free Become the Next Fat-Free

Lindsay Hill Become a fanAuthor of The Get Real Diet, Board-Certified Health Coach, Graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition Excerpt: Now that we hear saturated fat may not be bad for us after all but whole wheat bread may be slowly killing nearly half of all Americans (see anything written by public television staple and Grain Brain author David […]

As an industry builds up around it, questions remain about gluten-free diets

Backlash brewing as more Canadians cut wheat BY MEGHAN JESSIMAN, CALGARY HERALD MARCH 15, 2014 Declaring you are “going gluten-free” these days will get you one of two reactions: An understanding nod of understanding and/or solidarity, or an eye roll. Both responses are equally warranted (though no equally appreciated) considering removing gluten from one’s diet has […]

The 10 biggest myths about gluten

by STEPHANIE AYRE There’s much more to going gluten-free than a change of diet. We know that gluten is sneaky, and harmful to those with coeliac disease – even sharing utensils can be life threatening – but there’s more than a few myths going around. So we’re breaking down the facts and debunking some common gluten-related mistakes. Myth #1: Only […]

Gluten Free Comic

Fasnacht Day – Gluten Free

My wife and I picked up our Fastnachts today for Fat Tuesday.  Did you?  We stopped at our local Gluten Free Bakery (Betsy’s Bakery of Camp Hill,PA) and had a selection of plain, glazed, cinnamon & sugar and more.