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11 Things Never to Say to a Gluten-Free Mom by Adriana Velez

Sometimes the hardest thing about living life without gluten is finding tasty, nutritious alternatives. But you know what? Most celiacs and other gluten-sensitive people are finding more and better options every day. Now the hardest thing about living life without gluten is other people. Folks say the rudest, most ignorant things when they find outyou’re avoiding eating gluten. Honestly, why is this such a […]

How to Buy Gluten-Free Without Getting Duped

By Nicole McDermott for Life by DailyBurn A quick trip down the natural foods section of your grocery store likely reveals box after box showcasing “gluten-free” on the label, indicating items free from wheat, rye, barley or crossbreeds of those grains. Now, the buzz phrase is infiltrating the rest of the aisles—on pasta, cereal, and even […]

‘America’s Test Kitchen’ puts together a Gluten Free cookbook!

  “America’s Test Kitchen” has trained its persnickety palate on gluten-free food. “We were really surprised how hard this was,” says Jack Bishop, “America’s Test Kitchen” editorial director. “We thought we would just figure out which flour to plug into existing recipes.” Not even close, as it turned out. Eight people spent almost a year […]

Gluten-free beauty products in demand among some customers

By Mary MacVeanApril 4, 2014, 4:30 p.m. Amy Soergel’s lip gloss was making her sick. The problem, she realized, was gluten — hydrologized wheat protein, to be exact. Then she went to the hairdresser who used a shampoo that made her neck burn. Again, it contained gluten. “There’s hidden gluten in many places you may not […]