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Very funny video poking fun at Gluten Intolerance – enjoy!

“Bread & Butter” is your vegan and gluten-free guide to savory baking

Margaret Badore (@mbadore) Living / Green Food March 13, 2015 The founder of BabyCakes NYC covers everything from bagels to puff pastry in her latest cookbook. Erin McKenna’s bakeries, formerly known as BabyCakes, have long been a mecca for both vegans and the gluten-sensitive, and her cookbooks are equally sacred texts. Considering that gluten, dairy, […]

Going gluten-free could get you a tax break

Can’t eat gluten? Your dietary restriction might lead to a tax break. A tax analyst told Kiplinger, “If you are on a restricted diet for a particular disease and if you have a doctor’s certification that you should be on such a diet, you can treat it as a medical expense.” So there’s the caveat. You actually […]