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Is ROUNDUP the real reason so many Americans have Celiac?

The influx of wheat allergies in the United States may not be gluten-related as many have thought, but instead could be attributed to Monsanto‚Äôs toxic weed killer known as Roundup. Used as a drying agent, Roundup contains glyphosate, a deadly herbicide that not only kills weeds, but binds to the soil it is sprayed on. […]

Avoid the Gluten-Free Trap (from the Huffpost)

The majority of potato chip brands have always been gluten free. Yet, when someone is grabbing a bag at the grocery store, or offering you some at their house, they announce “they’re gluten-free!” as if that’s some sort of health benefit. Sadly, many are picking up gluten free breads, cookies, and crackers thinking that these […]