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Customers Suing General Mills Over Recalled “Gluten-Free” Cheerios That Contained Wheat (The Consumerist)

By Mary Beth Quirk Whenever a company recalls a product on a large scale, lawsuits are sure to follow. General Mills’ recall of 1.8 million boxes of supposedly gluten-free Cheerios that could have possibly contained wheat is no different: two shoppers have filed a lawsuit against the food giant, claiming the company sold a misbranded […]

The Best Gluten-Free Option At Every Major Fast-Food Chain (Huff Post)

by Kristin Hunt Gluten intolerance can be a real jerk. Half your friends think you’re lying about your convulsing tummy, and getting past the drive-thru without asking 15 necessary questions is a near impossibility. We can’t do anything about your questionable taste in friends, but we can at least save you some time on your […]