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17 Sad Meals Everyone Gluten Free has suffered through (Buzzfeed)

Funny article only those that eat Gluten free would truly understand: 1. The bunless burger Twitter: @brbcan Very, very wet and sad. 2. The burger bun that crumbled to death Twitter: @Shelley650 Yay! They have gluten-free buns! Oh, it turned to powder upon a single touch. 3. The bowl of chips Twitter: @scottstemp It’s cool, […]

Very funny video poking fun at Gluten Intolerance – enjoy!

Gluten free sarcasm.

Funny pic of the day!

11 Things Never to Say to a Gluten-Free Mom by Adriana Velez

Sometimes the hardest thing about living life without gluten is finding tasty, nutritious alternatives. But you know what? Most celiacs and other gluten-sensitive people are finding more and better options every day. Now the hardest thing about living life without gluten is other people. Folks say the rudest, most ignorant things when they find outyou’re avoiding eating gluten. Honestly, why is this such a […]

Gluten Free Comic

Gluten Free Comic

Gluten Free Comic

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