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Going gluten-free could get you a tax break

Can’t eat gluten? Your dietary restriction might lead to a tax break. A tax analyst told Kiplinger, “If you are on a restricted diet for a particular disease and if you have a doctor’s certification that you should be on such a diet, you can treat it as a medical expense.” So there’s the caveat. You actually […]

Gluten-Free Food Banks Bridge Celiac Disease And Hunger

From NPR For people with celiac disease, eating gluten-free can be a struggle. But it’s even harder for those who aren’t always sure where their next meal will come from. Two grass-roots organizations, Pierce’s Pantry in Massachusetts and the National Gluten-Free Food Bank Movement in Denver, are working to help those people who are trapped between celiac disease and […]

A Pill For Celiac Disease Is Almost Here

Going completely gluten-free is socially restrictive, expensive and time-consuming. Yet the diet is the only treatment out there for people with celiac disease, an autoimmune condition that damages the lining of the small intestines when triggered by gluten. What’s more, gluten-free eating might not be totally effective. It turns out that even celiacs who are […]

5 reasons to go Gluten Free – from One Green Planet

Are you considering cutting back on gluten, be it for health or weight reasons? First, keep in mind that a decision to majorly change your daily food intake like this should be discussed with your doctor or a health practitioner to make sure you are doing your plan healthily. Gluten-free diets arenot for everyone, and […]

Jimmy Kimmel asks: “What is Gluten?”

Dr. Oz’s Wheat Belly Diet

This Is Your Brain on Gluten (from The Atlantic)

The idea that gluten and carbohydrates are at the root of Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, depression, and ADHD has now reached millions of people. It is the basis of a number-one bestseller written by a respected physician. What is it worth? by JAMES HAMBLIN

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