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As an industry builds up around it, questions remain about gluten-free diets

Backlash brewing as more Canadians cut wheat BY MEGHAN JESSIMAN, CALGARY HERALD MARCH 15, 2014 Declaring you are “going gluten-free” these days will get you one of two reactions: An understanding nod of understanding and/or solidarity, or an eye roll. Both responses are equally warranted (though no equally appreciated) considering removing gluten from one’s diet has […]

Eating Gluten Free as a Diet??

People eat Gluten Free for a variety of reasons – here are just a few: 1) – Celiac Disease – their body cannot absorb Gluten. 2) – Gluten Intolerance – they have allergic reactions to Gluten. 3) – Health Reasons – they believe that there is too much Gluten in our diets today. 4) – […]