Gluten free pizza options for the New Year

From the Examiner:

Are you looking for a few options for gluten free pizza this New Years? Well you are in luck as there are many options. One of this gluten free gal’s favorite gluten free pizza options to make at home isPamela’s Products pizza mix. You can find Pamela’s Products in various retailers to include, Sprouts, Wholefoods in California. On the east coast you can visit various grocers like Wegman’s and Stop n’ Shop or any natural grocery store.

In addition to a package mix, delivery options always exist for New Years. Dominoes makes a gluten free pizza, however for those worried about cross-contamination, Dominoes would not be the safest place, as all the other pizzas are prepared around the gluten free crusts. Considering that dominoes is truly known for their regular pizzas, they don’t do such a bad job on the gluten free option, so give it a try this New Years.

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